Gaya Hidup

Sustainability As A Way Of Life

What is sustainability for you? One good question, but not that easy to answer. That’s a word I think quite hard to take. Well, at first, it may be easy to answer. At first, I try to keep it simple, it’s an order or way to keep in existence.  To maintain something to still be exist.  But, after lots of thought, I think the word has deep meaning.

From my point of view, it should have correlation with nature and the environment. But then it’s not just environmentally friendly. It goes beyond that. Sustainability also correlates with human and economy.  It must be human friendly and economic friendly. Sustainability means living a life in harmony between mankind, economic and nature. All three should be working together and without harming each others. To achieve that, sustainability should be our way of life.

Sustainability means living within the resources that we have, the resources of the planet without damaging the environment and our Earth. It should be done long time ago, we should be doing it now and we should continue to do so in the future. Why? Sustainability is for the greater good. We do it not just for us but for the good of our future generations.

Sustainability, the responsibility of us all

Sustainability has deep meaning. Because, it goes down to all the things we do every day. It’s more than just a word. It’s an act of responsibility. Sustainability is a sense of belonging. It’s not something that God given to mankind, but more like something that people must think and choose. A system with sustainable mindset is one that resembles a living harmony. It is a system that all of the resources, consist of human, nature, and economic, are renewed and in balance over and over again. A system that runs for perpetuity.

I think, sustainability does not have a stiff definition. But for me, it should be a way of life. We should be able living in this Earth, side by side without harming the environment, or at least minimize negative impact on the earth and the people we share it with. Sustainability is for all of us. Therefore, it’s also the responsibility for all of us.


We should be aware that nature and the environment are not an inexhaustible resource. It is a necessity to protect them and use them carefully. We must find a way on how to promote economic growth that generates wealth for all without harming nature and the environment. We can find solutions on how to promotes social development, reaching for quality of life, health and education for all. (#)

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